Anmiro Oy

About Anmiro Oy

The EU project mission of ANMIRO OY  is to assist VET organisations and businesses  in their transnational project application and project management. Accordingly, we consult our clients aiming to find partners for their EU projects as well as providing application preparation services. We have created many successful applications for LLL –programmes and other programmes e.g. , Interreg.  We also assist project co-ordinators in project management and quality assurance issues.

The enterprise mission of ANMIRO OY  is to provide support in the form of expertise for the Finnish and international organizations in their internationalisation and entrepreneurial activities. Most notably, we consult new firms/entrepreneurs aiming to survive in during their first years. More important for a business organization than having a large size is to secure business survival and/or commit themselves to operating in the new markets with a manner that is locally favourable.

Our key expert is Dr. Jukka Kallio, who has participated in many EU-projects both as a local expert, co-ordinator and evaluator. He has a long experience as an EU project-coordinator  and project expert. Additionally, Jukka has acted as a business adviser and project management expert for businesses. Our key expert is also an author of many entrepreneurship text books and a researcher. Jukka has acted as a chairman of entrepreneurship training body with the National Board of Education of Finland. He is also a free lance writer.


Kiveläntie 111, 34300 Kuru, Finland