Project outputs
  • Leaflet presenting the project, available in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Finnish.
  • The first issue of the project Newsletter providing information on the project and its activities in partner countries: available in Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Finnish.
  • The second issue of the project Newsletter in English, LithuanianLatvianEstonian and Finnish. Choose your preferable language and find out motivation behind the training course of one of the participants from Lithuania -  Regina Dovidavičiūte, as well as have a quick look what our English language & ICT integrated learning programme offers.
  • The third issue of the project Newsletter inviting people to attend the final international conference, national exploitation events and giving an introduction into the e-book: available in English, Lithuanian and Finnish.
  • 60 hour integrated learning programme which will focus on developing seniors’ English language and digital skills. 
  • Training courses for seniors based on the integrated learning programme in all partner countries.
  • International workshop in Tallinn (Estonia) on reflective language teaching consisting of English language lesson   for seniors from all partner countries, and a review of short videos made by the project participants during their training. It will be a great possibility for the participants to meet face-to-face and cultivate both newly gained digital and English language skills even more.
  • Local exploitation seminars for senior communities and associations, language and IT teaching professionals in all partner countries where the project participants will present their achievements and share experiences of participating in the project activities.
  • Final international conference with cross-cultural ‘Get-together’ event in Vilnius (Lithuania) for senior associations and organizations, adult education institutions, local authorities, language and IT teaching institutions, etc. to present the project, its products and results to potential beneficiaries. Final Conference Agenda, A. Reksniene presentationE. Trepule presentationD. Malinauskiene presentationR. Dovidaviciute presentationE. Pais presentationI. Kraucis presentationA. Nakas presentationK. Kudriasova presentation, O. Niittynen presentation
  • The final product of the project – an e-Book ( containing English language and ICT skills teaching methodology based on attractive animation and a short film, documenting   seniors’ classroom experience in dialogue simulations of different life situations and will provide with samples of learning materials and methodologies used in teaching a foreign language to seniors. The e-Book will be available on the project website for any organization and institution working in the field of senior education, social inclusion, language teaching  to use it as a supplementary material in their work and for seniors as a self-learning tool.